Learn Italian For Free

Want to learn Italian for free? Whether it’s to impress that beautiful girl (or guy) off their feet or just feel comfortable when you go and talk to the locals one day, why learn Italian shouldn’t even be a question if you’re already considering learning it.

Italian is becoming more popular than any other languages. There are approximately 62 million people who speak Italian in 30 countries. In the United States alone, there was an increase of about 15 to 20 percent in Italian language enrollment in schools compared to Spanish, German and French.

Italian is a beautiful, romantic and flowing language to learn and one of the most popular second languages in the world for people. Italian is the Romance language closes to Latin. Almost 60 percent English words come from Latin. A knowledge in Italian will help one to understand the whys of the English language.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Aside from being mostly Latin, Italian is a scientific language. Knowing Italian can be immensely beneficial in physical sciences and mathematics. Learning Italian is also beneficial in several career fields like culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, etc.

Where you learn Italian is important in learning the language itself. Learning Italian therefore is a challenge and if conquered, can be very rewarding. You should define your objectives to properly align yourself to where you can learn Italian based on our career or personal goals.

That’s why you should learn Italian and of course the best way of learning a the Italian language is by immersing oneself to the culture. Traveling and studying Italian in Italy is a great way to learn the language and culture of this beautiful country. It may look difficult if you’re trying to learn on your own or inside the classroom at home. However, combining travel and education makes the experience fun, memorable and exciting.

So Why learn italian? Because you’ll be learning one of the most loved language of all time. If travelling to Italy is not the most practical of options then you could always try the online programs available to you to learn Italian.