Learn German for Free

Learning German for free can be interesting if you use the methods outlined in this article. The best way to learn German for free would be a language exchange with German people. This not only allows you to meet people from a different culture, but it also allows you to make friends from around the world. A low cost alternative to language exchanges if that’s not practical is language learning programs that allow you to learn German interactively via your computer.

The German (Deutsch) language originated as High Germanic Dialects from the old Saxon language and is related to the languages of English and Dutch. With harsh tones, German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union. World wide German is spoken by around 105 millions people naively. As a second language it is spoken by around another 80 million people. The German language is also widely taught in schools and universities around the world.

For English speakers learning German could be easier than other language, due to the relationship between the two languages. There are many words that are similar for instance Haus (house) and maus (mouse), which are pronounced the same as they are in English. Obviously, not all words are similar though, such as “wurst”, which is sausage and “brau”, which is beer.

To accelerate you learning German free, why not try the method which is more interesting and effective than standard text books. Language learning software, which turns your computer into virtual language exchanges allows you to learn the German language interactively and naturally the way you would have learned your first language.

Learning German free with software programs available online is more exciting and the fastest proven way to learn another language. This is because of the interaction that software allows such as using games, audio lessons, picture and text courses and culture lessons to get you speaking and understanding German faster than ever before.

What to look for in German Language software

There are many options out there when it come to the best learn German software. One of the most notable differences however is the price range between packages. But what should you really look for when it comes to buying language software?

German language software can vary from anywhere between $20 for the cheaper packages to well over $200 for the more developed packages such as Rosetta Stone. Ensure you purchase a package that’s suited to your budget, as learning a language is simply a matter of you applying yourself.

That said, there are many differences between the cheaper options and the expensive ones. If you’re going to invest in language learning software, ensure that it has audio tracks so that you can hear native speakers as well see the words on screen.

Allowing you to hear conversation or words will fast track your progress when learning as the mind is more able to remember things with sound, rather than just writing. Also make sure tracks are portable so that you can take it on the road with you and continue listening and learning through your car stereo of portable music device, such as your iPod.

When it comes to choosing a the best learn German software, an essential feature of any program should be picture and word association. Once again when the mind associates pictures with a word then it will be more likely to remember it. Many programs these days have interactive games which allow you to learn the German language like you learnt your own language as a kid, so choosing a program with this option will ensure you stay interested.