4 Ways To A Learn Langauge For Free

Many people want to know how to learn a language for free. Here are 3 ways you can learn a language for free.


Find words in a text books, the Internet, YouTube or audio programs for things you use each day for that language. Then write down words and use post-it-notes. Take a pad of post-it-notes, write the word for the items you look at everyday in your house, and post the sticky note on it. By saying thename of the items out loud every time you see the item, you will find yourself looking at the item and automatically thinking of the word in that language. Plus it is a great way to increase your vocabulary.


As you learn a new language you will find a phrase which will be your favorite, such as “thank you”. You will find yourself using this phrase every time someone does you a favor. So every time you learn a new essential phrase you are broadening your word power. Listen to one or more words in that langauge each day and try using it in a sentences. Also start to learn the alphabet in that language via the Internet.


Get one-on-one instruction or take a group class. The routine and the structure will help you develop a base for advancing quickly in that language. Most schools offer programs, which are created to make learning fun and easy. Alternatively you could try special hands-on class, such as ones you cook food from where the language comes from.


Purchase a comprehensive how to learn language program. They can be expensive, but aost generally offer free samples of their paid course. Programs like these would most of the time allow you to get a good grasp of the basics right though to advanced speaking, whilst you learn via the methods above as well. I would always recommend signing up to the free course first to start learning your preferred language.